The Fluronacold Racing Season

The 2021-2022 Fluronacold Racing Season has been an exciting one! Team SARSCoV is leading in points with the Omicorn1 superbuggy ahead in overall points, though Omicron2 has been moving up in the standings. Team Flu has pinned their hopes on the normally strong ACatH3N2 . Their BCat  has been sidelined for most of the season. Team Cold has two strong entries, Rhino and Corona. Both Team Flu and Team Cold were more or less sidelined last year due to new restrictions that affected their ability to even race. Fluronacold officials have been under extreme pressure to reinstate all the restrictions, but there is strong evidence that the restrictions have caused some serious collateral damage…

On a personal note, I am on day 17 of ‘Fluronacold’ symptoms. (I do not know which virus I had so I made up the word ‘Fluronacold’…)  I’m inclined to think my current muscle and joint aches and pains are virus related, but as I am constantly reminded by the ‘Correlation is not Causation‘ approach to life, this may not be so.

The Car Guy, he of the Pea Pod and Black Coffee school of health, now has a Frog in his Throat, but is otherwise feeling fine.

I’ve looked at the chart of ‘Fluronacold’ symptoms (below) and I have to say that my symptoms fit all the viruses to some degree and none of the viruses completely.


Meanwhile in Canada:  here is my take on the The Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy.

16 thoughts on “The Fluronacold Racing Season

    1. January and February in Canada can make you think winter is never going to end!

      Fortunately my symptoms have been relatively mild, though certainly of longer duration than I had expected! It sure helps, though, to be riding this out in a warm and sunny place.


  1. Sorry to hear you still have symptoms of whatever it is that you have! At least Arizona is a warmer place to not feel well! It is bloody miserable here in Alberta today!!!!!!!!!


  2. That chart is bizarre! I’ve suffered anosmia twice from either cold/flu. I also had what I think was omicron in December and still haven’t regained my sense of smell fully (I can’t smell most unpleasant smells, which is a good thing and a bad thing) and for nicer smells, often I need to get really close or they need to be really strong. It’s all a bit of a mess, isn’t it? I hope you’re feeling better!


    1. Thanks for introducing me to the word anosmia! I didn’t know that was what the loss of smell is called. My sense of smell and taste have never been all that acute compared to other people anyway – I guess the complete loss for me would be less problematic than for others.
      The Car Guy decided to do a rapid test and he is positive. That likely means we both have now had Covid. We have not been all that ill, but our mildish symptoms keep dragging on. I’m not complaining – getting the virus is as liberating as getting the vaccine. Super immunity, hopefully!


      1. It’s an interesting word, isn’t it? I learnt it years ago from a book on aromatherapy. The anosmia is the only lasting symptom for me. I’ve accepted it may be permanent. Still sucks that I can’t smell if my food is burning, or if there’s a gas leak. My old boss had congenital anosmia, and I was so curious about it… Well now I know!

        My mum ended up on a ventilator for 3 weeks, and is still convalescencing, so omicron isn’t totally harmless. Most people will be fine but you still have to be carful. <– I'm leaving thay typo in since it matches your theme.


        1. I’ve read that anosmia is not nearly so common for those who got omicron. I expect there will be a lot of research on this as time goes on!
          I understand how dangerous Covid can be for some people. I guess that is why it is so important for those who are at risk to remain careful as the rest of the population goes back to normal.


  3. It is so hard to tell what we’re sick with these days! And pre-covid, we didn’t particularly care. How I long for those days….Meanwhile, I like your description of the Fluronacold. I sure covers all the bases!!


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