The Egg Escaped

We are eagerly waiting for the arrival of baby Great Horned Owls. The parental units have nested in a Palm Tree in our front yard. (Snooze All Day, Hoot All Night). Sadly, one of the owl eggs escaped from the nest.

We sure hope the owl laid more than one egg! The escaped egg will never take flight!

Nature recognized that the Egg was eggsactly the type of ineggspensive, eggstremely simple container needed for many housing situations. With an eggsternal shell that would survive eggstreme conditions (barring eggsplosions), the egg was an eggsellent choice where eggsessive sharp edges were undesirable for the eggspectant mother when it was time to eggspell it.
– Margy –

Speaking of flight –

Here is a link to some of my other Egg posts: An Eggsellent Arrangement of Eggs.

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    1. I eggspected that from a few people and though I was unsure eggsactly how many would like the post, I now know there were eggsactly eight people who have egged me on. On the one hand, that is eggstremely disappointing, but on the other hand I wear a ring.


    1. Speaking of emails, my step-mother-in-law (who is 91) rather consistently uses the subject line of an email to type the contents of the entire email. In fairness to her, her email program is a new improved version that isn’t an improvement for her. She also expects that as soon as she sends the email, the receiver will immediately read it and answer her. Fortunately, she has never had the desire to add a attachment…

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