Crochet Scrumble – Strawberry Fields

The Colour inspiration for this Scrumble (crochet motifs stitched together) was Caron Simply Soft Paints Rose Garden Yarn. When the Scrumble was complete, it felt more like Strawberries, however, than Roses… so I called it Strawberry Fields.

The song, Strawberry Fields Forever, was written by John Lennon and released by The Beatles in 1967. There is a New York  memorial to John Lennon in Central Park – called Strawberry Fields. It is near the Apartment where he was living when he died in 1980. A website,, says he was ‘murdered and shot dead’… rather an odd way of phrasing it.

Here are some of the pieces that make up this Scrumble:

Multicoloured Spiral with bullion stitches and curly cues
Basic circle flower with curly cue petals
Green leaf with bullion stitch and curly cues
Hyperbolic plane with basket filled with curly cues
Hyperbolic circle with a ball in the middle.

Hyperbolic Crochet

The last two motifs are examples of Hyperbolic Crochet. A hyperbolic plane is a geometric construct where the surface space curves away from itself at every point. Examples of real life hyperbolic planes are corals, the leaves of some kinds of lettuce and ruffles.

In the crochet motifs, I started with a crocheted line in the first one and a circle in the second. After the first row, I increased each subsequent row at a constant rate. For example, if my first row was 6 stitches and I choose to triple the stitches, then my second row was 18 stitches; my third row was 54 stitches, etc. The piece quickly becomes very time consuming to complete a row.

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