Great Horned Owlet – First Photos

The Great Horned Owl that is nesting in a palm tree in our yard (in Arizona) has successfully ‘hatched’ at least one owlet.

The photo above shows Mother Owl with the small white bundle of feathers  that is the owlet. Near the bottom centre of the photo is the egg that escaped from the nest.

This photo shows the baby more clearly. The round black area is the eye. We think the owlet is almost 2 weeks old now.

This photo shows the owlet’s already impressive beak!

The Arizona Owl Family:

The Alberta Owl Family:
In 2018 we watched what we thought was a once in a lifetime event! A Great Horned Owl nested in a tree in our front yard. We first saw the three owlets when they had left the nest and were venturing out onto a branch each day as they prepared to fly for the first time.

14 thoughts on “Great Horned Owlet – First Photos

  1. That is just wonderful! I’m so happy that there is one little guy. By the way, did it you know a group of owls is called a “parliament”? I love that.


  2. The camouflage on the mother owl is remarkable. I had to stare at that first photo a bit to really understand what I was looking at.


    1. Yes, she chose a good location for camouflage. Unfortunately, the cut palm fronds eventually drop off, so her nest site is gradually falling apart.


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