Thoughtsss of Sssnake

Snakes have emerged from their winter nap in Arizona. Here is how one snake (a harmless gopher snake) interacted with the non-toxic traps that are reducing the number of digging rodents (that were turning our yard into swiss cheese…)

Ratsss, Ssskewered. Sssun baked in a Ssslate dark oven. Boxxxed to go!

Sssweet and juicccey,  a gassstonomissstsss treasssure. Ssslither into thisss hole.

Big sssnakey bite – but the boxxx  won’t let go of my sssupper! Reverssse! Reverssse!

Ssso clossse! A mouth full of fur for my effortsss!

Sssearching elssswhere for my nexxxt Sssquare meal.