Great Horned Owlets – Airborne

Though we are back in Alberta, the Arizona owlets are growing up under the watchful eyes of our neighbours!

One owlet was seen sitting on the wall that encloses our patio.
This owlet hopped and walked across the yard and right towards the photographer!
This owlet is flying short distances.

24 thoughts on “Great Horned Owlets – Airborne

  1. The owlets are adorable. Your neighbour must have been taking photo lessons from you. They are fantastic!


    1. Yes, I sure wish I had been the one that the owl hopped over to inspect. After all, we housed them in our tree from egg through fledge!


    1. I had to take the one owlet to the raptor centre when it fell out of the nest at 2 weeks of age. Now that the other two seem to be well launched, as it were, I’d say they are all doing well!


  2. Something innocent about the eyes makes them still look like “owlets” even though they’re already getting so big. Wonderful to follow their rapid growth!


    1. You are exactly right about how much owls will tolerate people. The Great Horned Owls in our area have chosen to live close to people because people are the ones that grow taller owl nesting trees! Our community is surrounded by desert scrub land which is okay for food but not so good for nesting.

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