Acrylic Pouring – A Rocky Psychedelic Sunflower

One of the ‘big rivers’ in our yard.

If there is one thing we’ve got a lot of at our Arizona house, it is rocks. Thousands and thousands of rocks. Millions of rocks if you count the crushed gravel that blankets the entire yard.

The gravel is broken up by larger rocks that I have marshalled into wavy rows to form dry creek beds.

I’ve used some of the rocks to make two giant lizards. One is very dark in colour. The other is very light.

One of the two lizards. This one is a dark lizard made from lava type rock.

On the whole, the rocks in our yard are not very colorful. I thought I might remedy this by using outdoor acrylic pour paints. (Here is an excellent primer on this artsy craft – Acrylic Pour Painting.)

The sunflower is about the size of a real giant sunflower head.

I called my first project “Psychedelic Sunflower”.  It reminds me of 1960’s Trippy or Psychedelic art. Maybe you are old enough to remember the brightly coloured, abstract works of that time period.

This will be the first of more rock art if the paint withstands the Arizona summer sun!