Revelio Invisibilis and Other Useful Spells

Recently I was surprised to find that my blog was invisible to the search engine I normally use – DuckDuckGo (DDG). It was also invisible to Bing. (I had typed my URL,, into the search box and neither search engine listed my blog in the results list.) Next I tried Google Search and my blog showed up on the top of the list. Strange, right!?

I discussed this with another WordPress blogger and he wondered if his blog (which was invisible too) had been ‘shadow banned‘ because he sometimes wrote posts that challenge the prevailing Global Warming narrative about Arctic Sea Ice. I couldn’t think of any reason why my blog would be made invisible.

I contacted a WordPress Happiness Engineer, Tiffany, who told me that WordPress has some ‘tools’ in place that ensure that WordPress posts are indexed by Google. (I’ve called these tools the Revelio invisibilis spell…) WordPress does not have these tools for any other search engines. Tiffany reminded me that there are things I can do to increase my visibility with all search engines. This includes blogging frequently, using appropriate tags and categories, leaving comments on other blogs, sharing posts on social media, etc.

So – if I perfect the spells for Postus Writeitselfus, Tagus Popularis, Categora Bestus, Commentor Briefus Witticarious or Socialus Followlinkus – I’ll share them with you.

Other Possible Spells, Charms and Chants:
If you know the AlbiAlbeAlbu spelling charm, let this person know:

Only two things I know about Albuquerque – Bugs Bunny should’ve taken a left turn there. And give me a hundred tries, I’ll never be able spell it.
– Jimmy McGill –

Is there a spell that will make every man sit to pee in a stall toilet?
This calls for an Unspendus spell.
A dry spring and heavy pollen. It has been an incredibly ‘yellow’ few weeks here. Fortunately it has started to rain. Unfortunately this much rain in such a short time will lead to flooding. We need a Rainis Notsomuchus Sofast spell.
If only there was a spell for this!
The only way to open those plastic bags is… scissors.

9 thoughts on “Revelio Invisibilis and Other Useful Spells

  1. I’m always glad to find your blog in my reader feed. And got some smiles to start the day, too. I’m going to try to search for my blog now. 😀


  2. I have to agree that I hate to use a restroom that is shared with men. I was at a coffee shop with two restrooms and you would think they could be one for each sex. Even early in the day the floor and seat were disgusting.


    1. I know what you mean. I’ve seen my own bathroom after a week-end of having young grandsons here.

      I understand why they want to make restrooms inclusive for gender fluid people but this might come at a cost to women.

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  3. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom with men I know, but public bathrooms are another story. Men pee on the floor, a lot. The men’s room is always a bit more gross than the women’s room! Personally, I like the idea of a men’s room, a women’s room, and a gender neutral room. That way, everyone can pick the one they want.


    1. I would think that would be the most logical way of keeping everyone happy. I can’t see women wanting to use a restroom with a row of urinals in it!


    1. Rescuvium spamit folderinum.
      (For some reason WordPress has been putting some comments into my spam folder. I just rescued yours – good thing I’m getting proficient with this spell.)

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