Acrylic Pouring – Smooshing in the Round

In the ‘too cheap to test new ideas on good canvas’ school of frugalness, I have been pouring paint on computer CD’s. There is no shortage of those, and music CD’s, in our house!

For my first attempt I prepped the CD by taping the centre hole closed (on the shiny side of the CD.) . Then I poured these Arteza Pouring Paints on the label side of the CD: Brilliant Red, Forest Green, Carnation Pink and Titanium White. (Forest Green is a deceiving name…)

‘Red Poppies” Arteza paint on a CD

After pouring, I laid a piece of parchment paper (you can use a wet paper towel or wet knapkin) over the paint, gently rubbed the surface (smooshing) then lifted the paper up from all four corners.

Smooshed Red Poppies on a ceramic tile.

Then I laid the painted parchment paper onto a white ceramic tile and then carefully lifting the paper off by the four corners.

“Iris” – Arteza Pouring Paints on a CD

On the second CD I poured these Arteza Pouring Paints: Phthalo Blue, Titanium White, Coral, Gold and Neon Purple.

“Iris” on a white art backing board.

I used the same ‘smooshing’ process and pressed the paper onto a white art backing board.

For the third CD, I wanted to eliminate the centre hole indentation. I taped the hole on the back side, then filled the indent on the front with wall plaster. When it was dry, I sanded it then applied two coats of gesso and sanded again.

For this pour I used these Arteza Pouring Paints: Cerise Pink, Titanium White, Coral; and Artist’s Loft Pouring Paint: Aqua Green. I used the same ‘smooshing’ technique.

When I smoosh, if I lift all four corners of the smooshing paper by the four corners, then the design will look different than if I peel the paper back from one side only or from two sides at once, etc.

If you can think of catchy names for any of these pours, please comment below!

My other pours are at this link: Acrylic Pour Paint

23 thoughts on “Acrylic Pouring – Smooshing in the Round

  1. You have the most fascinating hobbies. Have you thought of selling these to psychiatrists and psychologists for Rorschach testing? If it turns profitable I’ll expect the usual 10% finders fee.

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    1. I like the way you always think outside the box! Heaven knows we aren’t seeing much thinking inside the box these days…


  2. How are you planning to use the finished art pieces? Several painted tiles would make an interesting backsplash intermingled with plain tiles. But I can’t think of how the dried CDs would be used.

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      1. If you made enough of them, maybe they could be used to make a stained glass look on a small window.


    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing the results when I’ve figured out ‘best practices’ for me. So far every ‘success’ has been tempered by something basic that I either know how to fix now or still need to figure out how to do better.


  3. The first one is my favorite, even though I can’t come up with a name. If you hadn’t said so, would’ve thought it was glass globe. It brings to mind a planet from a galaxy far, far away.


  4. These are so pretty; I think you’ve captured the essence and beauty of the spirit of flowers in each project piece.
    I’ve no suggestion for names, I figure you’ll come up with some that’ll fit perfect.


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