Literary Origami – Bookworm and Snowflake

I did a DNA test and found out I’m 100% bookworm.
– Author Unknown –

This folded bookworm was a big disappointment. Too much big eyes and book, not enough worm. I’ll have to find a different pattern.
Would you know this was supposed to be a snowflake if I didn’t tell you it was supposed to be a snowflake?

Sadly, my socks are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike.
– Graham Parke –

An Untrue Story that will Offend Everyone or No One.

Am I Preoccupied by Snow?

Glad you asked that. Yes, it is Winter here in Alberta and I have successfully completed sidewalk clearing duties during and after three snowstorms. If you don’t have snow, but wish to train in case you do get a snowstorm, be sure to watch the following:

17 thoughts on “Literary Origami – Bookworm and Snowflake

        1. ‘Eh’ isn’t a term commonly used here in my part of Alberta. Apparently it is more common in Northern Ontario and Northern Wisconsin up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The term got maximum exposure in the Canadian SCTV skits featuring Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh…

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    1. Some of the lines just cracked me up – but I think you have to have lived through a winter to understand the significance. The one about only clearing the windshield with a large enough hole to peer out of… that’s a good one. Hitting the crack in the sidewalk with your snow shovel – just did it this morning! Ooofff.


      1. I hear ya, sister, and the whole thing comes as absolutely no surprise to me. And I’m convinced all the other social platforms did (and continue to do) the same. God bless Elon Musk for making officially sanctioned censorship harder to ignore.


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