We’ll See What Happens

Scam, Spam and Phishing
My recent post, 13th Anniversary of Blogging, was reblogged without my permission by someone who I think might be a phishing scammer (though I may be over-reacting.)

I contacted WordPress about this and asked them to take the reblogged post down. The Happiness Engineer (HE… or maybe HER) suggested I fill out a Copyright Infringement Complaint. I don’t see how that would do me any good because WordPress is the one that provides the reblog tool that lets people take your content.

I had left a comment on the site that had reblogged my post, asking them to take it down. The reply from the blogger was: “Pls am sorry and I will happy if you can guide me too on this WordPress blog to become famouse and get money there easily pls Mrs Amusive pls contact me on what’sapp +(234xxxxxxxxxx) so we can talk more pls”

So I  filed a complaint of scamming  – which was a lot faster and easier than a copyright infringement complaint. We’ll see what happens.

The Response to Elon Musk Buying Twitter

The big news in Social Media is that Twitter has been purchased by the richest man in the world, Elon Musk. His expressed reason for purchasing it is because he wants “civilization to have a common digital town square.” By common, Musk says the company would allow “all speech that the First Amendment protects”. Getting from ‘what Musk now owns’ to ‘what Musk wants it to be’ has been a bumpy ride so far (as opposed to the ride you get in one of his Teslas…)

This has created an uproar with people who want Twitter (or Facebook or YouTube) to decide what is misinformation or hate speech (for example) and do not agree with Musk’s opinion that better decision making comes from more open debate. We’ll see what happens.

Quiet Quitting

This is a new term to me. It means “doing the minimum requirements of one’s job and putting in no more time, effort, or enthusiasm than absolutely necessary.” I’ve read that this trend is popular with Gen Z who believe working will lead to on-the-job burnout if they do more than what they think they are being paid to do.

This has apparently led to Quiet Firing where the employer does the minimum required of them – which does not necessarily include giving raises, increased opportunities or promotions to employees who don’t do more than what is absolutely necessary… etc.

The Employer could, of course, escalate things to ‘UnQuiet Firing’. Apparently Musk has fired about half the Twitter work force. Speculation is that Amazon will lay off 10,000 employees and Zuckerberg is cutting 11,000 employees.  I suppose it is possible that some of those laid off were quiet quitters… We’ll see what happens.


11 thoughts on “We’ll See What Happens

  1. That’s lowdown. I can’t remember what it’s called but they do that, just take people’s stuff and repost it with no context, indication of source, or link.


    1. That was it exactly – reblogged with no context, though there was a link back to my site which is an automated feature of the WordPress reblog tool. The site that took my post appears to be a Nigerian political site, so it makes no sense to have taken one of my posts.

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  2. I’m sorry your post got what I’d call stolen, but I’m sure WP has a gentler term for it. I don’t bother engaging with people who *adopt* one of my posts, briefly use my post title as the name of their blog, then pingback to the original post on my blog. I send them straight to spam. My understanding is that they don’t see anything wrong with what they’ve doing, feeling that by letting you know they’ve stolen something it’s okay for them to have done so.


      1. Under US law copyright infringement claims have to be taken seriously. The infringing article will usually be deleted and the infringer may have their site removed if the offence is repeated, I have filed these several times and after a week or two the offending theft has been removed.


        1. I have asked the WordPress Automattic Trust and Safety people to clarify whether a reblogged post is a copyright infringement. I believe they will tell me that the reblogged material meets the criteria for ‘fair use’ under the WordPress.com’s Copyright and Fair Use guidelines.

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