Fifty-Three, But Who’s Counting?

We look pretty good. What is it we’re all dressed up for?
(Helpful hint – put labels on old photos while you still remember the details…)

I have many talents – drawing isn’t one of them – for example The Car Guy is much taller than I am…

The Car Guy and I celebrated our 53rd Wedding Anniversary in 2022. Our Wedding Vows were very traditional, but if there had been an internet back then, I think we would have added some of these vows, which I found when I did some web research:

“I promise to get up and get our remote from across the room, even if it was not I who placed the remote so very far away.”

“I promise to love you through Ikea, be it during the buying or the assembly of furniture procured therein.”

“I promise to replenish the toilet paper that you almost certainly won’t remember the stored location thereof.”

“I promise that I will never ask you to sample anything to see whether it has gone bad.”

“I promise that I will clean up after supper when you cook it.”

“I pledge always to respect your musical preferences while you are driving. However, if you are not driving…”

“I vow never to steal your covers, unless you are hogging them.”

“I vow to agree that you really are the best driver on the road and that you always know exactly where you’re going.”

“I vow to always do all the stuff neither of us wants to do when I know that you really, really don’t want to do it a lot more than I really, really don’t want to do it.”

“I vow that for as long as we both shall live, I will guard you against spiders and mice.”

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
– eCards –

For more pithy quotations see this post: Love and Marriage

24 thoughts on “Fifty-Three, But Who’s Counting?

  1. Congratulations! I keep getting reminded by someone I love dearly that I “promised to obey”. Some days I just can’t do it! Lol


  2. Congratulations, Margy! Your number reminds me of when we saw Bill Cosby in concert, a long time ago. He would have all the married couples in the audience stand up, and then sit back down as he progressed through five, ten, fifteen years, and so on. By the time he got to fifty he was down to just one or two among thousands. I’d say you found your soulmate.


    1. That was probably a fun concert back in the day. I always liked his TV show.
      Apparently about 5% of marriages in the US last 50 years! Most of our closest friends have also been married almost as long as us!


  3. Congratulations, Margy. As another of those long-timers, I firmly believe that a good sense of humor is key. Since you are a maestro in that department, it’s no surprise to me that you are a five percenter.


  4. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Guy for being married and remaining alive for a majority of a century, a spectacular feat as far as I am concerned. Even rarer is winning Uncle Herb’s Award!


    1. The remaining alive part is a good observation. Covid wasn’t the first pandemic we survived!
      Yes, it was quite an honour to receive Herb’s ‘I’d like to have Coffee’ award. The funny part is, I don’t drink coffee! I love the smell of it and would like to be a coffee drinker, but simply don’t like the taste of it all that much.


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