Faces in Things

Now that I know what Pareidolia is (seeing faces in inanimate objects) I might pursue the topic until either I, or more likely you, tire of it!

Jesus has also been seen in toast, as well as a taco, a pancake and a banana peel, while Buzzfeed recently ran photos of peppers that look like British politicians…

In the 1950s, the Bank of Canada had to withdraw a series of banknotes because a grinning devil leapt from the random curls of the Queen’s hair…

Various studies have shown a simple picture of a pair of eyes can lead people to act more honestly – a “nudge” technique that has been shown to reduce bicycle theft by more than 60% in certain areas.
BBC Future: Neuroscience: Why do we see faces in everyday objects?

I tried to find the British Politicians /pepper photos, but the photos have been taken down. They were posted by someone called greggdd69 who says “I definitely have Pareidolia”. Of the 12 BuzzFeed posts where he compares things to famous people, nine posts have had the photos removed. Sadly, that also means you won’t see the 15 Orangutans that look like Boris Johnson or the 16 horses that look like Miley Cyrus.

As for the Devil’s Face in the Bank Notes, I don’t see that – do you?

It doesn’t take long to discover that many people see faces in inanimate objects and post them on the internet – often with captions. Here are ten of the best that I found:

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12 thoughts on “Faces in Things

  1. Oh, I do see the devil in the Queen’s hair! Jesus is the most common face around here. Thanks for teaching me a new word – pareidolia.


    1. lol 🙂 Agreed on the great word, I wonder if it’s the genesis of the old saying “you find what you look for”? 🙂


  2. Who knew a suitcase could be so expressive? I understand the “pair of eyes” comment. I think each of us have experienced that moment where we’d swear a painting was staring at us. Or a doll. And of course, the next thing we believe is the doll will come to life. Too many horror movies!


  3. I could see the devil’s face but only because you told me to look for it. We can see crazy stuff like this but we are so blind to important things that are so clear and ambiguous.


  4. Another great bunch of examples! It took me a minute for a couple of them, like the one with the outboard motor, but once I see it, the face cannot be missed.

    For some reason the slideshow didn’t work in Reader, but did on the web page.


    1. Well, I’m glad you came to my blog to watch the slideshow! I love going to people’s actual sites to see how they ‘decorate’ them. The WordPress Reader makes everyone look the same.

      Liked by 1 person

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