Mushrooms – A Story with a Morel

What veggie goes best with jacket potatoes?
Button mushrooms.*

Something I have not seen here in Arizona before – mushrooms growing in our yard! This year it has been quite rainy and apparently this, and other conditions, have been just right for mushrooms to appear. While not ‘morel’ mushrooms (an edible kind), these mushrooms certainly look good enough to eat… but not by me.

Speaking of wet conditions, 75% of Arizona is NOT currently experiencing drought, with the remaining area being at the lowest levels of drought categories. The USDA Seasonal Outlook predicts the ‘no drought status’ to remain for some undetermined time.

During a drought, a grape farmer watched his grapes dry out and fall to the ground. All he could say was… everything happens for a raisin.*

During a drought… every day is lawndry day.*

Mushrooms in Arizona – Original Photo
Mushrooms – Graphic Filter – Topaz Studio
Mushrooms – Ricci Gaphic Filter – Topaz Studio

What happens when the mushroom’s car breaks down?
It gets toad.*

So is there a ‘Morel’ to this story? Of course – though it has nothing to do with mushrooms or drought.

Hundreds of birds flew down from the forest trees and were harassing the sheep grazing in the fields.
A black sheep took it upon himself to run into the woods to stop the birds. And it worked!
The moral of the story? Lonely ewe can prevent forest flyers.*

* – All the preceding quotations came from ‘Author Unknown’!

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25 thoughts on “Mushrooms – A Story with a Morel

  1. Good advice on not eating that ‘mushroom.’ You might very well be poisoned. Then I would have to say, ‘I toad you so. :)’


        1. Oh!!! I love how you one-upped me! I have a feeling we could sit on a PORCH-ini and exchange mushroom puns for a while like CHAMPIONons 🙂

          Liked by 2 people

              1. Well, I think we would get along just fine. With our combined knowledge we could probably write a Fun Guide to mushrooms.


  2. I can’t believe the (lack of) drought status in AZ. I’ll see my Tucson-based brother this weekend and I’m sure he’ll comment on it. You’d think CA would be getting the same good news after their incredibly wet winter but apparently the West Coast has a longer way to go.

    Your sign-off non-drought/non-mushroom joke deserved its own post – LOL.


    1. I was interested in the drought status because of all the rain and cool conditions we have had in Arizona. When I wrote the post there was no drought in about 75% of the state. This week it is up to 80% no drought. California is at 55% no drought, so yes, it has a way to go. The most destructive drought is still said to be the ‘Dirty Thirties’. The 1950-1956 drought is also considered worse than current conditions.
      The lonely ewe was a good chuckle, though I rewrote the intro a bit. I’m sure ‘Author Unknown’ won’t mind.

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  3. I have often thought about taking “Arthur Unknown” as a pen name. It would be fun to contact writers to demand that they give me credit for quotations and to stop misspelling my name. Yes, some of us who appreciate mushroom puns are not right in the head.


    1. ‘Right in the head’ as in too many tabs in your brain are open OR your brain is like the Bermuda Triangle – information goes in and then it’s never found again…
      Are you going to do a blog post about brains, or should I?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well you didn’t leave mushroom for more puns! So I think I’ll button my lip and enjoy reading this again! ☺️


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