This and That – Fixing Things

It’s like playing whack-a-mole. You fix one thing, and another one breaks.

Recently deceased: a ten year old Hoover Tectronic Multi Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

My vacuum cleaner tried to ‘digest’ the fringe on a throw rug. I quickly hit the off switch, but it was too late. When I turned it on again, the power head made a terrible racket, then quit. The Car Guy diagnosed a ‘loss of electrical continuity’. Sadly, repair parts are either no longer available or they cost significantly more than the original  purchase price of the machine. A new vacuum will cost less than repairs and should work better than the old one.  Rest in Peace, built-in obsolescence.

When you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you become the vacuum cleaner.
– From a meme at The Haps with Herb

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

Duct tape is a very versatile product. It isn’t a permanent fix, but a good short term solution! I use it to extend the life of work gloves… or should I say glove. It is always the  right hand one.

Another use: apparently if you are attacked by a large number of very small ‘hairy’ cactus spines, you can smooth a piece of duct tape over the area, then peel it off. Maybe that works for slivers, too?

We Can See Clearly Now

Eventually WD-40 and foam weather stripping don’t work  any more – so we  had all the windows and doors in our 40 year old house replaced. This was a fix that made the house more comfortable and corrected the problem of leaky panes and sliders that would ‘stick’ open or closed. The payback period in energy savings is, at our age… lets not go there.

Speaking of Energy, it is not all that easy to ‘Fix’ the Climate because the ‘settled science’ keeps evolving!  Science News now says ‘Methane may not warm the Earth quite as much as previously thought’. Scientific America says a recent study indicates the world’s corals may be more resilient than researchers thought.

If you didn’t read about these findings, maybe mass media is what we need to fix too.

Slate Cleaning 101

On the long list of old things being made to look newish, enter the simple scrub brush. Paired with a cream cleaner and a lot of muscle power, I eventually removed years of waxy build up on my black slate hearth. There were more caustic products to do this job, but I didn’t find them until I was almost finished doing it the hard way. Good exercise, though.

Sometimes, in order to fix a problem, you have to think outside the box.

I don’t know who came up with this idea, but I can attest to the fact that sometimes the people who own Dobermans are not the best neigbours.

18 thoughts on “This and That – Fixing Things

  1. I don’t like buying new appliances but am in awe of a vacuum lasting 10 years, though. I understand about replacing windows. A very expensive proposition. I read about the shift in thinking about what is contributing to global warming– and smiled. As for the doberman, no thanks.

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    1. We arrived back in Alberta yesterday and were met with dire warnings about next week’s possible heat wave. It froze here last night and suddenly the heat wave warnings have disappeared, though the forecast for much warmer days next week is still there. I feel sorry for people who become fearful because of the way the media promotes news like warm weather and covid (our federal government still recommends people use personal protective practises, such as wearing well-fitting masks.)
      Yes, the climate is changing and the world can be a dangerous place, but the biggest danger to human health is the fear that governments and media spread.

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  2. First, thanks for the shout out! I am definitely stealing the relationship one, bwahahaha. A sergeant I had told me all you need is duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and it isn’t supposed to, duct tape. It doesn’t move and it is supposed to, WD-40. Poor Hoover. If the Car Guy declares you dead, you are dead.

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    1. Duct Tape and WD-40 – we have lots of both! If the Car Guy thinks I have a ‘loss of electrical continuity’, he’ll try WD-40. If he declares I’m dead, I expect duct tape was involved…

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    2. This reminds me of an episode of Mythbusters who were “stranded” on a deserted island with a palette of duct tape. Turns out that duct tape qualifies as survival gear 😀

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    1. I like that you can get it in colors now (probably ‘Duck Tape’ or similar brands. I fixed the webbing on some lawn chairs and it looks pretty good! I put a new layer on when they get a bit shabby looking again.

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  3. I wish I’d invented duct tape or WD-40 or Windex. They’ve saved my bacon in more situations than I can list. Also, “duck tape”? NO. As for the media, sigh… it’s not so much the bias in the way they report as the bias in what they choose to (or choose not to) report. We’re missing out on a lot of the actual news these days.


    1. ‘Duck Tape’ the brand vs ‘duct tape’ the type of tape – similar but not necessarily congruent!

      Mass and Social Media and bias – the landscape has shifted again with AI generated video material. There is a clip circulating on social media of Hillary Clinton endorsing DeSantis for the presidency. It is fake, but very realistic. Of course, there have been many fake photos in recent years (Trump is often the target), but it is getting harder to tell what is fake because AI can do the job so well!

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  4. Duct tape can save the day! One time my guitarist husband forgot his guitar strap for a gig and fashioned a temporary one from – yes! – duct tape. My sister-in-law’s sons played ball in her flower beds and duct taped the allium flower heads back on to their stems before she came home, hoping it wouldn’t be noticed. Maybe someone should collect creative duct tape stories and write a book!

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  5. Oh no on your vacuum! You remind me that we are still using the vacuum Marianne bought right after we got married and she refused to use the old Eureka I had rescued from its spot next to a dumpster. You also remind me that I am still rocking almost all of the original aluminum windows in my 1958-vintage house. OK, they are glass but with aluminum frames. I constantly have people trying to sell me new ones, but when I ask if theirs are from the Space Age, their answers are never satisfactory.

    Duct tape is great stuff. There was a time when I used it for upholstery. It worked tolerably well. Maybe it could work for our mainstream media news too. A piece of duct tape over a few mouths could work wonders. 🙂


    1. I am somewhat appalled at how much dirt the new vacuum is sucking up. Could I really have been living in such a dirty house?!

      The new windows are the best investment we could have made! We can actually see out the new windows, they open and close, the house is quieter inside, and the interior temperature remains comfortable without needing much extra heating or cooling. And that is just our little snowbird abode. Next up are the windows at the Alberta house. They should perform even better and apparently they won’t get all frosty in the winter, then thaw and drip all over when the weather warms.

      My husband uses black duct tape on his office chair – but he is complaining now that it keeps peeling back and then sticks to his leg. Maybe he will do new ‘ducting’ or break down and buy a new chair.


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