The Squeaky Wheel

Update on WordPress Makes Copyright Infringement Easy.

I explained my displeasure (with the Reblog tool) to several WordPress Happiness Engineers. I wanted them to understand how easy WordPress had made it for my copyright photo to be used without my permission.

Eventually one of the Happiness Engineers suggested several other work arounds:
1. Since the photo in the reblogged post was linked to my Media Library (rather than being a photo that was copied and pasted into their post) I could remove the photo from my media library, then upload the photo again with a new name and insert it into my post. That would break the link to the original photo. I did this, and also tried their other suggestion:
2. I could Report the site – use this link to learn how:

I reported the site and flagged it as spam rather than copyright violation. I don’t know whether the first option worked because the second option was acted upon quite quickly. The site was taken down AND the programmers have been informed that there is a glitch or a bug that allows reblogging even though the reblog tool has been disabled.

So, sometimes The Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease!

I hate to be a kicker,
I always long for peace,
But the wheel that squeaks the loudest,
Is the one that gets the grease.
– Josh Billings, The Kicker, 1870 –

I couldn’t find engine oil for my car so I used Omega 3 to stop it squeaking. The improvement was only super fish oil.
– Author Unknown –

On the other hand

Big Thanks
I’d like to thank the WordPress Happiness Engineers who listened to my concern and were able to resolve the issue.

17 thoughts on “The Squeaky Wheel

  1. I’m really glad to hear how that worked out, the adequate workaround, and that the reblog tool may get some consideration. And the squeaky wheel might just get replaced.


  2. I wonder who came up with the label “Happiness Engineer” at WP, and why. Your example is one of several I’ve read about where this resource took care of business, maybe beyond expectations. I’m not aware of any instance where the concern wasn’t addressed (including my own, where I was hopelessly lost redesigning my blog template). Maybe these people should be called “Satisfaction Guaranteed Engineers” instead. Come to think of it, the “happiness” probably stems from a decent paycheck!


    1. I always get quickish response from the Happiness Engineers, but that might be because I have a paid plan. I don’t always get the results I am after – I suppose because the WordPress TOS has created more limitations and the software has become more complex. Then there are the glitches when one of the developers changes something and doesn’t realize how that impacts something else! Sometimes the Happiness Engineer actually knows less about the issue than I do, so we both learn something as we try to find a solution.
      All in all, I agree they hope to make you a satisfied customer!

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  3. ~Bravo~ Margy, Congratulations getting the issue resolved. I like the work-around. Thanks for report link. Both are handy knowledge to know. I’m so glad the ‘Happiness Engineers’ lived up to their name.


  4. I learned the saying as “the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but is the first to be replaced!” You better keep an eye on those Happiness Engineers, who know what they’re up to next. 😉


    1. I think the Happiness Engineers are the middle men. The WordPress Developers are the ‘gremlins’ who fiddle around with the program – adding new things which sometimes break old things. I reported 5 more instances of glitches today – the Developers have been very busy lately…

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  5. It is good to read of the rare instance of someone getting worthwhile support from a big tech platform.

    Also, I loved the memes, as always. But does the squeaky paper get the crease?


  6. A happy ending to a tech complaint?? Bless my soul!– I dinna know that were possible!! 😅

    Well done, Margy– hooray for The Squeaky (but really very nice) Wheel!! 👏👍😊


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