Face Masks (‘Rona #10)

Last week, people who are not ill were told NOT to wear a face mask of any kind. This week everyone is supposed to wear one when they are in public if social distancing is difficult. This is because people could have the virus but not show symptoms. (Source CDC).

Since Surgical Grade Face Masks have been unavailable for weeks, home made cloth face coverings have been given the thumbs up, (even though testing has shown DIY cotton masks only remove 50-60% of virus-sized particles from infected people).

People are fearful. They are also creative, leading to some very interesting masks. Though some of the masks are sure to elicit a chuckle or two, it is important to remember that they were made by people just doing the best they can when media driven fear overrides risk analysis.

Some masks and meme  s are purely for fun – I think…

Personal Risk Analysis – what conclusions have you drawn on how likely it is you would contract Covid-19?

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Getting Out Much? (‘Rona #9)

When you leave the confines of your abode, where do you go?
I go for a walk every morning. We get groceries a few times a week. Up until a few weeks ago we were visiting a friend who is a cancer out-patient, but that has become too risky for him now. The Car Guy goes to the Ace Hardware Store about once a week for reno supplies. He is miffed they removed the popcorn machine… The Goodwill Store closed down about a week ago – it was the last place we could get books to read. (We could buy them from Target or Amazon, but so far we aren’t desperate enough to pay full price…)


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Will Trade Grapefruit for Toilet Paper – (‘Rona #7)

Fun times here in Arizona. The Car Guy (in his role of procurement officer) is still shopping for toilet paper that is multi-ply, soft, absorbent and non-shredding. The only kind of toilet paper he has found in the stores near us is single ply, scratchy and tears apart ever so easily. He may have to go shopping further afield…

But – I have a cunning plan. We have a grapefruit tree that produces far more fruit than we can use. The Car Guy has been offering it to the neighbours via the Nextdoor App. People are hauling it away by the bag full. They love how sweet it is and they want to pay him for it. He tells them it is free… but I think he should put a new notice on Nextdoor that says:

Just picked, sweet grapefruit. Half dozen per bag – will exchange for 1 roll of multi-ply soft toilet paper.

Powerball is an American Lottery.


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If the Animals Could Talk – (‘Rona #6)

Are you a pet owner? How have your pets helped you to feel more cheery? (If you don’t have a pet, the following animalish jokes and memes might brighten your day.)

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Speaking of brightening someones day, please try to thank some of the people who provide the Essential Services that allow a segment of the population to Social Distance and Quarantine. In my province (Alberta) these people work in Health, Medical and Public Health; Public Safety and Security; Food and Shelter; Energy, Utilities, Water; Transportation; Industrial, Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal; Construction; Agriculture and Horticulture; Retail; Financial Services; Information and Telecommunications; Public Administration and Government; and many other Trades and Businesses.

Staying Home – (‘Rona #5)

We’re ‘staying home’ in Arizona rather than Alberta. The Car Guy did a risk analysis (it is probably on a spreadsheet with a couple of graphs) and decided  there were more reasons at this time to stay put than to go back to snowy, cold Alberta!

Our grocery store has lots of plant based meat…

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More of the Lighter Side of Coronavirus (‘Rona #4)

Let’s start with more Toilet Paper (see previous post Reality Check – Why Toilet Paper.) The next eight photos are from a Facebook feed by a lady who has some extra time on her hands while she ‘social distances’. Maybe you would like to exercise your creativity and ‘personalize’ your toilet too!

LEGO seems to be a popular way to express an opinion about toilet paper!


What happens when you discover you ‘miscalculated’ your needs and now you need money for rent… or milk… or vegetables… Some COSTCO stores don’t feel inclined to reimburse you.

Some additions to my post The Lighter Side of the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

People in many countries are being asked to Social Distance, which is defined as “remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.”

Under other circumstances, people are directed to practice Social Isolation which requires the person to stay away from all people for two weeks.



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Lighter Side of the Coronavirus (‘Rona #3)

My last post ‘covered’ toilet paper. Here are some other observations that might make you smile. Which one do you like best?

Someone did a great job of making this look like a real LEGO kit!
People have posted a few different floor plans, but The Car Guy liked this one because it included a garage.

Jake from State Farm – can’t count how many times I have seen the real commercial here in Arizona!


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Reality Check: Why Toilet Paper? Coronavirus (‘Rona #2)

Why are people stockpiling toilet paper as a response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? The answer to this might be found by following an internet ‘paper trail‘ (like anything else found on the internet, I can’t attest to how true this is, but it seems reasonable):

It likely started in China where the motivation to stock up on white ply was probably consumers who thought that toilet paper could be used for tissues, napkins and to construct makeshift facemasks. It is probable that people did not realize that home made masks could not protect them – it only give them the feeling they had taken control. Even high quality masks are of limited value to healthy people, though they are of some value in limiting the spread of the virus if worn by people who have the flu.

As manufacturers in some countries ramped up mask production, greed and dishonesty also increased. In February 2020, a company in Vietnam was shut down when it was discovered they were using toilet paper to replace the antibacterial layer usually found in masks.

By the time the virus had moved on to other countries, hoarding toilet paper was no longer closely linked to using it for facemasks. The behaviour was almost completely irrational – a clear example of herd mentality fueled by social media and news coverage. FOMOthe fear of missing out, had become the prime motivation. When people saw other people bulk buying toilet paper, they thought there had to be a reason. Though they didn’t know the reason, they still felt they had to buy toilet paper too. They become fearful that if everybody else bought toilet paper before they did, they wouldn’t be able to buy any.

Apparently these hoarders were not comforted by the fact that a seemingly unending supply of toilet paper keeps showing up on store shelves… and the only reason there might be temporary shortages was because they had hoarded it.

The only upside to all this is the jokes and memes that are floating around the internet. Here are my favourites.  Which ones do you like best!?



All My Virus Posts are here: The Lighter Side of Covid-19.