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Giant Water Bug

Bug Bits Name: Giant Water Bug Species: Lethocerus americanus Native to: These bugs can be found in southern Canada and throughout most of the United States. Date Seen: September 2018 Location: North of Calgary, Alberta Notes: 46 to 52 mm (1.8 to 2 in) long. Lives in ponds, marshes and slow moving waterways. Handle with […]
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Spiny Rose Leaf Gall

Bug Bits Common Name: Spiny Rose Leaf Gall Scientific Name: Diplolepis polita Native to: Possibly throughout Canada and the United States Date Seen: May 2012 Location: South of Cluny, Alberta Notes: These galls were found on Wild Roses. A gall wasp induces a chemical reaction in rose stems or leaves. This creates a case, or […]
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Bee’s Temporary Visit – Mutually Beneficial

A Bee makes a temporary pit stop on one of the thistles that thrive at the base of The Belchen Gondola. The Black Forest Belchen is the fourth highest summit of the Black Forest in Germany. This week’s Photo Challenge is Temporary.

Cabbage White Butterfly

In a past post, White Butterflies Hiding in a Hay Field, I wasn’t able to actually get a photo of the White Butterflies. They never came to rest long enough, or if they did stop, it was on the low growing flowers that I couldn’t see! Later, the butterflies were feeding on some flowers that […]
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Fritillary Butterflies and Violas

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: I was weeding and deadheading a few days ago, and was surprised to find my viola/pansy crop consisted of mostly bare stalks. Odd. When I looked closer, I could see that the few remaining leaves were well chewed. I didn’t give the sorry state of the Viola family much more thought. […]
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Bark Scorpion – In my Closet in Arizona

Bark Scorpions are usually 2 – 3 inches long, are nocturnal, and eat crickets, roaches and other insects. Scorpions hibernate in the winter. This one was lurking in my broom closet, and unfortunately met an untimely ‘death by swiffer sweeper’. Scorpions glow in the dark if you shine a Black UV light on them, as […]
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Monarch Butterfly Collage

I made this Monarch Butterfly Collage with 5 photos. The first, and background layer, was a photo of painted daisies. I gave it a textured filter. The remaining four photos were close-ups of a single Monarch Butterfly. I put those photos into 4 layers, gave each of them a border, and positioned them on top […]
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Monarch Butterfly – a Magic Migration

We’ve had Monarch butterflies in our Arizona yard recently. They may be migrating south to Mexico, north-west to California or they may overwinter here if the conditions are favourable. The Monarch’s Southern fall migration is made by a single butterfly that will live for 6 to 8 months. The Northern spring migration will take multiple […]
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Mosquitoes – What Do they Eat?

We all know that the mosquitoes quest for food ends when they find a source of blood. But did you know that mosquitoes suck nectar too and only the females take a blood meal? I didn’t know the bit about the nectar.  It does make me think about how many millions of mosquitoes my flowers […]
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Flowers and Bugs in Arizona

I haven’t felt much like blogging for a few months now. Have I been Blue? Yes, some days. Other days, I’ve been seeing Red (but that is a post for another day). Very occasionally, I’m Mellow Yellow – (white wine can do that). For the past week or so I’ve been kind of Grey though – […]
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