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If the Animals Could Talk – (Covid-19 Part 6)

Are you a pet owner? How have your pets helped you to feel more cheery? (If you don’t have a pet, the following animalish jokes and memes might brighten your day.) Speaking of brightening someones day, please try to thank some of the people who provide the Essential Services that allow a segment of the […]
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Staying Home – (Covid19-Part 5)

We’re ‘staying home’ in Arizona rather than Alberta. The Car Guy did a risk analysis (it is probably on a spreadsheet with a couple of graphs) and decided  there were more reasons at this time to stay put than to go back to snowy, cold Alberta! Previously: Reality Check – Coronavirus (COVID-19 Part 1) Reality […]
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More of the Lighter Side of Coronavirus (Covid-19 Part 4)

Let’s start with more Toilet Paper (see previous post Reality Check – Why Toilet Paper.) The next eight photos are from a Facebook feed by a lady who has some extra time on her hands while she ‘social distances’. Maybe you would like to exercise your creativity and ‘personalize’ your toilet too! LEGO seems to […]
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The Lighter Side of the Coronavirus (Covid-19 Part 3)

My last post ‘covered’ toilet paper. Here are some other observations that might make you smile. Which one do you like best?

Reality Check: Why Toilet Paper? Coronavirus (Covid-19 Part 2)

Why are people stockpiling toilet paper as a response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? The answer to this might be found by following an internet ‘paper trail‘ (like anything else found on the internet, I can’t attest to how true this is, but it seems reasonable): It likely started in China where the motivation to stock […]
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Reality Check – Coronavirus (Covid-19 Part 1)

“Where are we going Piglet?” asked Pooh. “We need to get supplies,” said Piglet. “For the Coronavirus” “Ahh,” said Pooh, nodding in understanding. “Things like bread, milk, cough mixture, tissues and cat litter even though we don’t have a cat?” Piglet did a little laugh, and a sort of leap and bit of a cough. […]
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Animal Species and the Language Police

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken offense to phrases that they say trivializes cruelty to animals. They call it “Speciesism”. In a recent Twitter post, they wrote “Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily […]
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Just Listen to Me – It’s Not About the Nail

My problems might seem really obvious to someone else, but I don’t necessarily want to be told how to fix them. I might just want someone to listen to me – show me that they care about me. If I want advice, I’ll ask for it. Now, I just need to follow my own advice.

Old Time Teachers and The Arithmetic Circle of Doom

My Grade 5 Teacher, Miss W., could draw a nearly perfect circle on the blackboard – freehand. She would face the board, take up a piece of chalk, and almost by magic her arm would go through the full range of motion needed to draw one very nice circle. It was impressive, even though it […]
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Free Range Kids – The Slow Erosion of Childhood Freedom

If you were a child when I was, or even when my children were, you instinctively know what a Free Range Kid is. So how Free Range was I? I lived in a small town – a triangular shaped suburb whose borders were defined by “Our” city with a population of 235,000 people, a major river, and the Trans-Canada […]
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