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This, That and the Other #3 – Mystery Macro

Mystery Macro. The Car Guy was playing with the macro (close-up) setting on my little Panasonic camera. What do you think he took a picture of? Hint, he was sitting at his desk, enjoying his breakfast beverage.  (Answer at the end of this post). Sometimes you don’t have what you thought you had, but what […]
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Mildly Amusing Missives #5

The Lighter Side of Arts, Crafts and Leisure Activities I’m a ‘jack of all trades’ in the crafts department. I’ve never stuck with anything long enough to get really good at it… except for collecting quotes. On the Crafts front, I’ve been collecting red Tim’s Iced Capp straws (so I can keep them out of […]
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This, That and The Other #2

This, That and The Other #1

Three Distinct Sounds – Music for Your Soul

The Piano Guys The Piano Guys combined music from the score of “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” with the classical arrangement of “Scheherazade” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in a video that was filmed in Petra, Jordan. ___________________________ Angel City Chorale – How to Make the Sound of a Rain Storm Angel City Chorale (ACC) is […]
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Mildly Amusing Missives #4 – Twitter

I created a Twitter account a few weeks ago.  I’ve been following and unfollowing people since then. There is a fine line between ‘this is interesting’ and ‘this is depressing’. Here are some of the more amusing and thought provoking things I’ve found. What your Dog is Thinking something. you may not realize you’re allowed […]
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Mildly Amusing Missives #3

A Little Bit About Ants I bought an ant farm. I don’t know where I am going to get a tractor that small! – Steven Wright – Ever so Virtuous Virtue signalling: when you express an opinion in public to show your moral superiority and gain approval – without actually taking a significant action. (Isaac) […]
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Mildly Amusing Missives #2

Robert Fulghum – Questions and Answers Question: If you could live your life over, what changes would you make? Answer: None. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have eaten some bad oysters, and would forgo the times I had too much wine and was miserably hung over. But otherwise, I’d live it all over again – knowing […]
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Mildly Amusing Missives #1

When Grammar and Punctuation Walk into a Bar I’ve posted a new series of quotations on my blog,under the category The Quippery. They are  jokes about Walking into a Bar, but the subjects who do the walking are unusual. The Trials of Being Senior The other day, my mom asked Siri to find information on […]
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Well of Lost Thoughts – 2017

When I find ideas that speak to me, but I’m not ready to blog about them,  I save them on my Fueled by Chocolate ‘Well of Lost Thoughts’ Facebook Page. Here are just a few of the ones I have ‘rescued’ from there to share with you. How Cold was our Christmas this Year? “On […]
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