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©Copyright 2009-2022, Margy, Amusives, Antelope Street Photographers; also former blog names: As  I Age, A Lighter Shade of Grey, Serendipitous, Curating Serendipity, Fueled by Chocolate

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Content Sources:

Thoughts, and subsequent text by Margy. I have no published works, unless you count this blog as “being published”. That doesn’t mean the text in this blog is any less protected than if it was published in other media.

Quotations from various authors, used in a manner that I think is consistent with ‘Fair Use Doctrine’.

– Photos by Antelope Street Photography – Our family gathers as often as possible, and the happiest get togethers occurred in the summer at a  small cabin on Antelope Street. (Sadly, the cabin was destroyed in the flood of 2013.) The families’ photographic interests vary, as do their cameras and their knowledge. But they all have a desire to capture what they see, in a format that they can share with the rest of the family. Collectively, I call them the Antelope Street Photography. (99% of the photos in this blog are mine, though.)

Canadian Beaver hockey stick– Cartoons purchased from Ron Leishman of Toonaday: Artist Ron Leishman sells his cartoons as individual images or as 1 month or 1 year subscriptions. He allows personal blogs, such as mine, to post up to twelve of his images once they are purchased.

Phillip Martin– Cartoons by Phillip Martin who offers his clip art free for non-profit use. Phillip’s clips are designed to be used as teaching aids for children, but are equally appealing to childlike people… like me.

– Graphics purchased from The Print Shop

– Graphics purchased from ClickArt

– Graphics purchased from Microsoft Office

Savage Chickens cartoons, courtesy of Doug Savage

valentineVladstudio has an eclectic selection of wonderful computer wallpapers, backgrounds and e-cards. Vlad is a very talented Russian designer who offers both free and licensed product. His website also has Photoshop Tutorials that demonstrate how intricate his designs are. Vladstudio designs are intended for personal use on both home computers and blogs.

8 thoughts on “Copyright and Credits

  1. Hi, Margie… Regarding your having no published works, that’s too bad. Because you’re a good writer. More importantly, you’re a good thinker. I’m glad I came across your blog. Bill


  2. Hi Margie,
    I wish you had let me known about your blog earlier. It is going to take some reading to get caught up with your thoughts, musings, experiences, and observations. Love what I have read so far and looking forward to reading more. Me thinks me sees a published work in the not so near future.
    Happy writing.


    1. I like to think of this blog as being like a book, except I can keep adding to the chapters as time goes on. This blog is as close to being published as I would ever want to be!


  3. Lovely blog you have here. The Red House looks cool, I love your wild-wig gravatar, and a tip of the beanie to the Antelope Street Shutterbugs, especially for their very crisp frost photos!


    1. Thank you Mark. I only wish I had your talent as an illustrator. Alas, not, so I have to content myself with photographs. Alas again, I am the least capable of the photographers in our Shutterbug family. But I am the most prolific… so the frost photos are mine.

      By the way, I like how you have turned the Antelope Street Photographers into the Antelope Street Shutterbugs. I’ll have to call on some of my cartoonist friends to see if they can come up with a graphic for me!


  4. What you said about invisible age made me really worried 😦 So, first you a kid (seen but not heard), then you are a teenager (what the heck do you know about anything?), after you are a sleep-deprived mom of a newborn (self-explanatory), then you are a mom of a teenager (lame and very stupid, duh) – and after all that I will be in invisible stage?!
    Love you blog.


    1. Not to worry! Invisibility has advantages. I don’t mind being overlooked when someone is scanning for volunteers for something I don’t want to do. I enjoy expressing Righteous Indignation when I am overlooked for something I do want to do. And grovelling from others, when you point out you were ignored, is just fine too.


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