I Believe

I Believe Women should not let hair colour define them. Arctic Ice Blonde can come out of a bottle, or it can be, for a few women like me, the natural colour of your hair.

I Believe Women will achieve the Equality and Happiness they deserve when they can defy all the industries that make them feel unworthy. The impact on their self-esteem by the superficial world of the beauty industry and “Beauty Bias” is far greater than most women realize.

I Believe the Media does a better job at Instilling Fear in people than it does in empowering them.

I Believe Ageist Attitudes are insulting and demeaning to the Seniors of many cultures.

I Believe there is great value to Diversity. “Valuing diversity recognizes differences between people and acknowledges that these differences are a valued asset.” – Susan J. Barkman and Hannah L. Speaker –

I Believe ‘Climate Change‘ is an ever changing and evolving topic. It is simply wrong to say the ‘Science is Settled’.

In short, I think people should be comfortable in their skin, regardless of their age, appearance, and all the other variables that make this world so diverse and interesting.

I wish every woman could find a way to appreciate themselves for who they are, and let who they are be how they look.

38 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. I really enjoyed this page…as a 50 something Canadian male, with a mental bank account that teems with thoughts, processes, and perceived conundrums I relate well to the confusion (maybe the wrong term) of finding a voice and presenting the well conjured considerations. A life time of travels and adventures, people and personalities, have molded volumes of observations. Thanks, you’ve got me thinking…


    1. It is one thing to have a voice, and quite another to write in such a way that others might read it and think about it! This is the path I am trying to find, I think.


    1. Life in the Boomer Lane is in my Read First Folder in my Google Reader. So are you Wendy!

      While the actual writing of a blog is a solitary pursuit, thought gathering needs the input of many others.


    1. Thanks Mikey – You are on my blogroll because I enjoy your site too! Of your most recent posts, I liked your “Post Less Challenge” and “Polite Romance”.


    1. Hi Belle – I think there is still a lot of work to be done before women believe in the power that resides in themselves.


  2. Nice to start your follow your blog. I am just digging into the various posts but thought I would make two quick comments.
    1. Your photographs are FABULOUS…….
    2. I personally believe that God is in control of our lives…….I love Him and give Him thanks daily.
    Oh yeah, I believe many of the things you listed too but have to read more…..
    Lovely to “cyber” meet you.


  3. Wonderful Margie! I have my beliefs posted on The Empty Nest Mom too – although stated differently – right down the same lines. I’m again – I’ve said it before here this morning – glad to have found you out there in the ether. Now I get that the shades of grey you speak of are more than our hair color. I love words and people who play with them. Great stuff.


    1. Thanks Harper – I appreciate your visits to my Canada and am equally fascinated with your observations about your life in your part of the United States.


  4. I have just enjoyed a little tour around your blog and enjoy your writing very much. I also believe what you believe (although I’m caving again on the hair-dying issue). I will look forward to reading your thoughts to come.


    1. I think many women share these beliefs. Grey hair is a matter of personal choice, isn’t it! My only beef with the hair dye industry is that they make it sound like having grey hair is a bad thing, when in actual fact it is a natural thing.


  5. Gorgeous, lovely and beautiful. This is perfect. I am weepy and fist pumping the sky at the same time. So well said. Thank you.


    1. Welcome to the Believers Club, Timethief. I think you are in good company – as you can see by the good people who leave comments here.


  6. Margie, I agree with all of the beliefs at the beginning of this page. It seems incredible to me, though, that it’s the year 2012 and we still need to address the issue of equality for women. And the older I get, the more trouble I have seeing things in black and white. As for age discrimination, there’s no way we’re going to put up with that, is there?


    1. Perhaps women’s equality is a two steps forward, one step back thing – though I think it is really hard to take those forward steps when walking to work in high heels…
      Age discrimination – I’m a grey haired grandma who has become invisible to sales people in stores. You are right, I just don’t put up with that kind of crap.


    1. You are so right. Just because our bodies get more creaky as we age, doesn’t mean we have to let our minds do the same thing.


      1. No, I’m just lazy and cheap. Coloring my hair every six weeks was bothersome, messy, and expensive. And nice head of silver hair is certainly prettier than the mix I’ve got now.


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