Three Moose Parade Behind my Alberta Yard

My home office, the place where I write all these pithy posts, is a recliner in the living room. My laptop sits on a board that straddles the two arms – my desk. The chair faces the windows and patio door and I have a clear view of all that is happening to the east and the south of The Red House.

One recent morning, just as the sun was painting the horizon a reddish orange colour, a flash of something light caught my eye. It was the bum end of a white tail deer, then another one, bounding out of the woods. Odd to see them in such a hurry. Then, close behind them, I saw a large dark form, then another and then a third. As they all cleared the woods and headed into the field, I saw that the dark forms were three moose.

I leaped out of my chair and grabbed my camera. “Wait Moose! Please Wait!”  But they were in a hurry, and by the time I got to the window they were almost out of view. I ran outside, crossed the yard and then stopped to make sure the moose weren’t close enough to be dangerous. Once I knew their whereabouts, I made a dash for the edge of our property.

three mooseBy now the moose were specks in the distance, so I zoomed the camera in and hoped for the best. The result was this rather grainy picture, but at least it shows the three moose, and one of the surprised horses who was also watching the Moose Parade.

While I was working with this photo in Photoshop Elements, I wondered what would happen if I cropped out just one moose.

I was pleased to see the result. Looks rather like an impressionist painting, don’t you think?

Hunters will tell you that a moose is a wily and ferocious forest creature. In fact, a moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old.
– Bill Bryson – Notes from a Big Country –

Wild Life Stories from the Pond – The Elusive Moose

The Pond (and I am being generous in calling it that, because it is really just a Prairie Pothole fed by melting snow and summer rain) has seen lots of activity for the past few weeks. .

The biggest excitement this morning was the elusive Moose. The farmers around here often talk about seeing moose, but I only saw one once as it thundered through the pond and disappeared into the woods. But today the moose was just outside my fence, and though clearly in a hurry, he paused and looked my way. I think a moose has better eyesight than I thought, because I was still in the house.  I took my first picture, hoping the window wasn’t too dirty.

Alberta Then I quietly stepped out onto the deck. I got one more photo of The Moose on a Mission before he disappeared into the woods. I was not about to follow him. To put the size of this moose into perspective, it is standing right next to a four foot tall chain link fence.

AlbertaThe Deer have started hopping the fence again. They like to eat the new little tulip leaves. If I was the hunting kind, the hawks would soon see deer on their menu