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Bald Eagle

The Feather Files Name: Bald Eagle Species: Haliaeetus leucocephalus Native to and Migration: Resident to long-distance migrant throughout Canada and the United States. Northern adults begin fall migration when lakes and rivers freeze – migrating coastward or to open water. They return to breeding grounds when weather and food permit, usually January–March. Date Seen: April […]
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Broad-winged Hawk

The Feather Files Name: Broad-winged Hawk Species:  Buteo platypterus Native to and Migration: The Broad-winged hawk breeds throughout much of Canada and the Central and Eastern part of the United States. In the fall, hundreds of thousands of them migrate in large flocks to Mexico and Central America. Date Seen: May 2014 Location: North of […]
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Turkey Vulture

These Turkey Vultures were perched on a palm tree overlooking the business district in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. We were on a roof top patio, having dinner. We watched the vultures. The vultures watched us. These Turkey Vultures were perched on cactus near a restaurant near San Jose del Cabo. We had lunch and […]
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Swainson’s Hawks – Summer 2018

The Feather Files Name: Swainson’s Hawk Species: Buteo swainsoni Native to and Migration: In fall they fly to their Argentine wintering grounds in one of the longest migrations of any raptor. They form flocks of hundreds or thousands as they travel. Date Seen: August 30, 2018 Location: North of Calgary, Alberta, Canada Notes: These birds […]
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Great Horned Owl Update

We haven’t seen the Great Horned Owl Family very often this past month, but I now have a permanent set of Owlet triplets to remind me of how special it was to watch the Owls. I crocheted my own owls from a pattern at Jacquie’s Website. Jacquie says “If you are proficient at crochet you […]
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Great Horned Owlets are Growing Up

We saw two of the owlets in mid July. Compare how they looked in May (above) to July (below)! There were a few other owls flying nearby too, but they didn’t ‘set down’ long enough for me to get a photo.

Great Horned Owl – What Do They Eat?

The adult owls and the owlets appeared in our back yard at about 9:45 PM for three nights in a row. The adults hunted and the owlets begged for food. It didn’t take very long for the adult to serve up dinner on top of the large rock in the field. Two owlets quickly joined […]
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Great Horned Owls – Apex Predators

An Apex Predator is one that is NOT preyed upon when it is a healthy adult in the wild. I have seen three Apex bird species in the woods and fields that surround our house: Red-tailed hawk, Common Raven and Great Horned Owl. The Coyotes here would be considered apex too because we don’t have […]
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Great Horned Owlets Take Flight

The owlets ventured out onto a branch on May 27. Within a few days they were exercising their wings. On June 1, wing flapping was more frenzied and occasionally one of them would even lift off the branch briefly. One minute all three owlets were on their ‘home’ branch. Ten minutes later I checked on […]
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Great Horned Owl – We’ve Got Owlets!

A Great Horned Owl Family in our front yard! To see other Owl photos and stories, click on the Bird menu item at the top of this page or the Birds Categories on the right of the page.