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Spare Time Crafting Stories – Knitting

My mom was a knitter. She knit in her spare time – but she could knit in ‘unspare’ time too. By that, I mean she was a multitasker long before that term became popular. She could knit and watch TV. She could knit and enjoy the scenery on long road trips. She could knit and […]
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Our Library, The Alphabet and a Good Crafting Intention

Our ‘Snowbird’ Community has a small Library. The volunteer librarians have developed a book filing system that theoretically allows them to house the largest number of books. The books are sorted by subject, then by size, then alphabetically by author’s name. This means that book cases with shorter paperback books have one more shelf than […]
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How to Make Tree Branch Hooks

Forked tree branches make excellent hooks for the wall.

How to Build a Stacked Wood Christmas Tree

Tree branches can be stacked on a pole to create wooden ‘evergreen’ trees.

How to Make Origami Kusudama Flower Balls

Origami is an ancient art form that can be used for many craft projects, like a Kusudama flower ball.

The Woman Who Patented the Zigzag Stitch

The first patent on a zigzag stitch machine was issued to a woman.

Story of a Bunny Pattern

My mom was a knitter and a sewer. (In retrospect, Seamstress looks better than sewer. Sewer suddenly looks like a place of waste management). One of her earliest projects (after I was born) was a stuffed bunny that I called ‘Baboo’. The pattern in this photo is the one she used over mpffmp years ago. […]
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How to Make Melted Crayon Art

Last fall each of my grown children purchased new crayons and artist’s canvas, and it wasn’t for the grand-children to take to school. No, they used a glue gun, a candle and a hair dryer to create a merger of the crayons and the canvas. Here is what they made: The result was my Christmas […]
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The Long Journey in the Creation of a Jug

A while ago I wrote a post called I Tried Being Subtle. It tells the story of how I came to make the Jug that is in this photo. Today – same Jug, different photo and a brief discussion about the word Create. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they […]
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Origami – The Math of Fortune Telling

“Pick a colour!” “Red.” Schoop, schoop, schoop. (This is the best I can do at describing the sound made when a Paper Fortune Teller is manipulated.) “Pick a number!” “Six.” Schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop, schoop. “Pick another Number, and I’ll reveal your fortune!” “Two.” The flap with the number two is unfolded and the […]
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