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Trios, Triplet, Thirds – Photos of Three Things

Trio, triple, thirds say three. As do triad, ternion and  trilogy, Triptych, trine and trichotomy, Triangle, treble and trinity. – Margy – This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Trio.  I had no problem finding photos to fit, as I often compose a shot to include three elements. The idea of the number ‘3’ is also […]
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Grass Paths From Here to There

I’ve been experimenting with Grass lately – the landscaping variety… A Single Blade of Grass – When I was much younger, I couldn’t whistle at all. My aunt could put her baby finger and thumb in her mouth and create a call loud enough that we could hear her half way across town. I could, […]
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Grass is Crispy when the Dew Freezes

Rain drops frozen on blades of grass look like tiny beads.