Jerome, Arizona – Historic Copper Town and Spring Flowers

Founded in 1876, Jerome Arizona, was built on Cleopatra Hill on top of what was the largest copper mine in the State. The population peaked at 15,000 in the 1920’s. The ups and downs of copper prices, along with other factors, finally forced the Jerome mines to close in 1953. By the late 1950’s, the population had dropped to 50 people, making Jerome the largest ghost town in America.

Jerome is now a bustling tourist attraction with a thriving artist community.

145-jerome-bartlett-hotelAfter a fire, the Bartlett Hotel was rebuilt with brick in 1901.  The building became unstable with the slides in the 1930’s and was abandoned in the 1940’s.

145-jerome-spook-hall-and-la-victoria Now a glass blowing studio called La Victoria, the ruins of the back building were originally a marketplace. The building in the foreground is the back of Lawrence Memorial (Spook ) Hall.

145-jerome-retaining-wall-fenceRetaining wall with fence on top

145-jerome-douglas-mansionDouglas Mansion in the distance. This is a state park with a museum which exhibits photographs, artifacts, minerals and videos. There is a 3-D model of the underground tunnels that are under the town.


Fruit tree in bloom


House of Joy is in what was once the  “legal” red-light-district in the 1920’s. It was a brothel and then a restaurant. This photo is at the side of the house.


Fruit tree in bloom

After the Rain at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

ArizonaCanyon de Chelly, Arizona

We were extremely fortunate to arrive at the park just as a rainstorm was ending. Little rivers of water flowed over the rocks and through ancient cracks before cascading into the valley.

When I saw the Grand Canyon in Arizona, I thought it was the most amazing place I had been. Then when I saw Petra, in Jordan, I thought it was the most amazing place. But now, I would have to say that Canyon de Chelly has moved right up to the top of the list of very favourite places!